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Skincare Giveaway time đź’™
Thank you @cbquality for loving Kosmetic Immunity.
We would like to giveaway @cbquality’s favorite set of 3 (a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer). We’ll announce 2 lucky winners here this Friday!
To enter:
- Follow @jkosmmune_cosmetics and @cbquality and like this post
- Tag 2 friends who love having a healthy skin
- As a Bonus entry, repost this giveaway in your stories and tag us, @jkosmmune_cosmetics
“I discovered @jkosmmune_cosmetics at a show years ago and have been a fan ever since. I use the enzyme cleansing powder, it's my go to toner, and I can't tell you how mBeta Glucan works, but it does. Leaves my skin feeling clean and balanced. @jkosmmune_cosmetics are also wonderful humans behind the skincare.”


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