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(Application for this event has ended)

Exclusive Winter Promotion


What & How:Try our samples, write & send a review to us, and win FREE JKosmmune products

When: Dec 1 - Dec 22, 2017 (Application has ended)


1st Place

New Complete Skincare Kit
Consists of Toner, Serum, Enzyme Cleansing Powder, and Lotion


2nd Place

New Essential Skincare Kit
Consists of Serum, Enzyme Cleansing Powder, and Lotion

3rd Place



4th Place



5th Place

Enzyme Cleansing Powder




We have selected a few number of participants and we are not accepting any more applications. We will announce the final winners after December 22nd, 2017. Keep your eyes on our website and email! 


Thank you for your participation!

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