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Whether it is a simple wash and moisturize or a 12-step cleaning ritual of layering after layering of moisturization, everyone has different ways of taking care of their skin. No matter what your skin care routine is like there are definitely some skincare mistakes to avoid.



  1. Leaving your skin bare and dry for too long after cleansing – You should always make sure to use an alcohol-free toner. In addition to this, it is very important to immediately use a toner, followed by a serum and then the remaining products you use in your routine. If the skin is left not moisturized right after cleansing it begins to dehydrate as the dry air draws moisture out of the skin. You should always make it a habit to perform your skin care routine rather quickly, especially applying toner right after cleansing. JKosmmune’s gentler, but powerfully hydrating toner is completely alcohol-free and provides a refreshing layering of moisturization to your skin.

    JKosmmune's Toner

  2. Not using products that are specifically formulated for your skin type – Sometimes, the reason you may not see improvements in your skin after using skin care products is due to the simple fact that the product may not be the correct formulation for your skin type. You should always read the fine print on product descriptions that detail what skin type the product is specifically formulated for.

  3. Treating skin breakouts the wrong way – Due to a variety of factors, both environmental and hormonal, as well as physical blockages to pores, breakouts are sure to happen during some point in life no matter what product you may use. However, one important thing that people overlook is in how to properly care for blemishes. Most people pick at them or apply spot treatments for the “quick fix”, but often at the wrong phase of the breakout. This will usually result in blemishes that last longer with greater severity in inflammation. You should determine if it is a cystic or pustular blemish. If it is the latter, wait until you are able to see a whitehead and gently squeeze out the infection with your finger. Apply spot drying treatment, which will work its way into the skin and prevent infection. If it is a cystic blemish, you should not pick at it and instead, gently cleanse & treat the area with topical anti-cyst treatments. JKosmmune’s mBeta Glucan aids in the calming and soothing of inflammations caused by breakouts. It is the perfect solution for pre-, during or post- breakouts! 

    JKosmmune mBeta Glucan

  4. Using too many exfoliating products the wrong way – Using too many exfoliating products too often will compromise the skin barrier, resulting in dehydrated, flaking and inflamed skin. Physical exfoliants should be used sparingly and chemical exfoliants should be used not more than three times a week.

  5. Not protecting your skin with sunscreen daily – One of the major factors for aging skin is in not protecting the skin with sunscreen daily. This is quite simple: UV rays are very damaging to the skin, no matter how hydrated it is or “young” it looks. Make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen with a sufficient SPF rating, 365 days of the year, rain or shine, indoors or out.

  6. Washing your skin with bar-type soaps – No matter how expensive or fancy a bar soap may be, using it will strip your skin of all its water which immediately leads to buildup of dead skin cells. The binding elements/ingredients of bar soaps have high pH levels, making them too dry for most skin types. You should look for mild, sulfate-free, soap-free gel or liquid cleansers. Also, remember to look for low EWG ratings in the ingredient list! JKosmmune’s enzyme powder cleanser is comprised of the lowest EWG rating ingredients, so you can be assured that it is gently cleansing and exfoliating.

    JKosmmune's Cleanser

  7. Overusing moisturizers – After all, your skin is a kind of barrier and slathering on layers of thick moisturizers will not help dry skin. Try switching to a single moisturizer with a thicker consistency.

  8. Forgetting to close the lid of a skincare product after use – This is quite simple, yet so many people often overlook this mistake! In most skincare products, air or contaminants can easily find its way into the container and be in direct contact with the product itself. This can cause some skin care products to chemically change and cause harm to your skin when applied. Our Kosmetic Immunity line is packaged in containers that help to limit the exposure of its contents with contaminants. We want to give you all of the amazing benefits of beta glucan, uncompromised and unchanged! 

    Kosmetic Immunity Product

  9. Keeping skincare products near the shower – If you keep your skin care products in the shower or near it, it will be undoubtedly be exposed to humidity and heat, which are perfect conditions for mold or bacteria to grow! Make sure to keep your skin care products in cool and dry places, away from high levels of humidity. Don’t forget to also make sure you keep your products out of direct sunlight, as the heat and UV rays can chemically change the contents of skin care products. We want you to use all of our products as effectively as you can and use them to the very last drop!
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