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So it’s almost time to get off work and you think about those donuts and coffee that you had in the morning, as well as the burger and fries that you had at the highly recommended place your coworkers always talk about in the office.

You finally muster up the courage and self-will to drag yourself to the gym before heading home. Besides the burn that you will feel in your legs and glutes, you feel a sudden burn in your desire to up the game in your skin care routine, along with your diet (goodbye, donuts!).

You somehow survive, finish your workout, and muster up a little more juice to crawl back home, while contemplating whether to have chicken breast or whey protein for dinner.





After a night of dreaming of toned abs and glowing skin, you wake up to find a huge zit on your face, along with other unexplained blemishes. What went wrong here?! Of course, your skin health has a lot to do with your diet (surely, donuts do not help!), but what you do before, during and after your workouts have a huge impact on reaping the full benefits of exercise on your skin.

Sweating during workouts is a great way to detoxify your skin, as the pollutants and toxins you have accumulated are carried out of your skin pores through sweat. However, one thing you might have overlooked are in the things you do before, during and after a workout!


Before your workout, you should make sure to remove any makeup and if possible, lightly cleanse your face, as a combination of sweat, sebum, bacteria, air pollutants, and makeup creates the perfect recipe for breakouts. In addition, during your sweat sessions, avoid touching your face after handling gym equipment, as they are perfect places where bacteria thrive (recent studies prove that gym equipment have much more bacteria than your toilet seat!). Always use a clean towel to wipe sweat off your body and face. Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate during your workouts.



As for the post-workout regimen, it’s always good to use gentle exfoliating cleansers, such as Kosmetic Immunity’s Enzyme Powder Cleanser. Remember to use that locker room shower right after your workout to cleanse your skin.


With the right choices in what you do before, during, and after your workouts, as well as in choosing the right products to gently clean and hydrate your skin, you can see results rather quickly and achieve that healthy glow! (the perfect, toned abs will need some further work)



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