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Everyone knows the importance of protecting their skin from the sun in the summertime. However, people easily forget putting on sunscreen before leaving the office, home, or classroom. This could cause minor to serious damages from UV light. Even if it’s not sunny outside, people can still get kissed by the sun and receive sunburns. It could take weeks and be even very painful to get healed.


Some beauty professionals recommend skin care products containing aloe vera for sunburn, because it is well-known to hydrate and ease pain. Beta glucan is an emerging star ingredient in the skincare market for its outstanding soothing effect and ability to promote skin immunity. Both have been used over time, and history proves they are both safe ingredients. Then, how about efficacy? Which one is better for sunburn or related peeling skin? Here’s the match!



  • 1st round: Speed up self-healing process

The key to heal sunburn, firstly, is enhancing the self-healing process. Beta glucan is outstanding in this role, but aloe skin care is not as effective when treating wounds or burns. According to Berkeley wellness, nearly all commercial aloe creams and lotions did not have significant results on treating sunburns. On the other hand, beta glucan has a special structure enabling it to bind immune cells, which can stimulate forming collagen and elastin. It speeds up the healing process from sun damage. Therefore, you get back your original skin faster. Beta glucan has also been used as a treatment for burn patients in Japan, because of its ability to rapidly recover skin cells.  So, who’s the winner of the first round? Definitely, beta glucan.


  • 2nd round: UV Protection effect

Post-care is extremely important when you get sunburn as it is one of the main causes of skin aging, which is triggered by direct DNA damage by UV radiation. Pure aloe vera gel has a protective effect against radiation, however most aloe skin care product contains just a small amount of aloe vera. Therefore, it cannot have a strong ability to protect the skin from UV. Beta glucan has UV protection effects even in small quantities. A scientific paper written by Janice and Christopher in 1998 proves significant sun protection role of beta glucan. An experimental group was applied with 0.04% beta glucan and exposed to the UV ray for 24 hours. As a result, the experimental group showed 48.65% of skin cell survival rate, whereas the control group’s rate was merely 26.82%. This means if you put beta glucan on before applying sunscreen, you will get the maximum skin protecting effect.  So, in the second round, who’s the winner? Beta glucan wins this time again.


  • 3rd round: Hydrating effect
After sunburn, the skin dries out very easily. Hydrating is crucial to counteract against the drying effects of sunburn.  Aloe and beta glucan are both well-known for their intensive hydrating effects. Aloe contains mucopolysaccharides to help bind moisture into the skin. It also has amino acids that soften hardened skin cells. Beta glucan itself is glucose polysaccharides and thus the strongest moisturizing source in the current skincare market. It is called next generation of moisturizing ingredients. Its hydrating effect is 20% or more potent than hyaluronic acid, a traditional and most-widely known moisturizing ingredient. So, even at the 3rd round, beta glucan showed its superiority over aloe vera.


Bottom line: The winner is Beta glucan; Aloe K.O


Best Solution:


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Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune mBeta Glucan Toner

Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune Nourishing Refining Toner is the best option for thirsty and damaged skin exposed by UV ray. The toner attached with an add-on spray cap can be used as a mist sprayer. This allows an easy and frequent application of beta glucan on UV-affected area to reduce appearance of redness, calm irritation and rehydrate complexion. You can apply it on the peeling area, because it doesn’t have alcohol and irritants.

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