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Beta glucan may not be familiar to you, while hyaluronic acid is well-known amongst many cosmetic-lovers. Beta glucan is an immune booster that has been studied for a long time, and it is an ingredient in vogue that will soon take over hyaluronic acid in the skincare market. Then, what is the difference between beta glucan (BG) and hyaluronic acid(HA)? Why is beta glucan superior to HA?


More moisturizing effect


Hyaluronic acid is well-known as a moisturizing ingredient. But, did you know that beta glucan has deeper and more intensive moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid? According to a study by Dr. M.S. Kim, BG is clinically proven to be more hydrating than HA at lower concentration. After applying 0.4% beta glucan, subjects showed higher water content in the skin than from 0.5% hyaluronic acid. (M.S.Kim. et al) Based on this result, JKosmmune did clinical testing with their beta glucan, and it is proven that 0.4% JKos beta glucan has 20% or more moisturizing than 0.4% HA.


Beta glucan is a polysaccharide polymer that forms a thin film on the skin to lock in the moisture. It also holds water after penetrating deeply and stimulating skin cells. Beta glucan hydrates from inside out. On the other hand, hyaluronic cannot penetrate the skin, and it can be drying to skin in very dry climates. (Truth in Aging)



Deep penetration, more intensive effect.


Hyaluronic acid has large size, so it does not penetrate deeply into the skin. However, beta glucan is proven by many scientific studies that effectively penetrates skin despite its large size. Then, why can beta glucan penetrate deeply into the skin?


Beta glucan usually has a property to aggregate spontaneously, however it can be made into the linear form through microfiltration. It can penetrate the dermis through intra-cellular matrix that is relatively large. So, many clinical trials reported that beta glucan can be found deep in the dermis. Therefore, beta glucan can do many things to your skin by deep penetration.


Its the key point that you must use beta glucan instead of hyaluronic acid. Dermatologist who I know well said that soothing effect of beta glucan after facial treatment is more dramatic. She said that it immediately calms down redness caused after the treatment. It seems that this immediate and intensive effect is derived from this deep penetration property of beta glucan.



Beta glucan, The New It Multitasking Ingredient.


You might know that hyaluronic acid can frim up the skin. But, did you know that beta glucan also promotes the synthesis of collagen to firm up? According to the paper, beta glucan derived from mushroom stimulates collagen synthesis up to 32%, which can reduce wrinkle depth and length. The lifting effect from beta glucan is very dramatic.


Besides that, beta glucan has additional effects. It is an antioxidant, so it has anti-aging effect. It also protects from the oxidation of melanin to make your skin bright. It is also clinically proven that beta glucan can reduce skin irritation by 40%.


As you see above, beta glucan has more intensive moisturizing as well as lifting effect than hyaluronic acid. Besides that, beta glucan has brightening, anti-aging, soothing and anti-irritation effect. Beta glucan has been known well as a supplement boosting immune system if you take it by mouth. And these days, many scientific studies say that beta glucan can stimulate skin immune system by only applying it. You can get healthy and young skin healthy by beta glucan skin care.


Now, Its the time to say bye-bye to traditional ingredient, HA, and say Hi to new It skin healthy ingredient beta glucan. It is the time to prepare for new era in your skin care product line.





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