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Physiologically, men have very different skin composition then women. Have you wondered how male Kpop stars have amazing, crystal-clear, and overall, youthful-looking skin? It all comes down to taking care of your skin in the proper way.


Men have thicker skin in general, higher collagen density and an overall rougher skin texture that produces more sebum (oils). Although skin thickness varies by age, ethnicity, and geographical location of the individual, on average, a man has about 25% thicker skin than that of a woman’s. Men’s skin gradually thins with age in a linear way, whereas women tend to retain and maintain their skin thickness until they reach the age of menopause.





JKosmmune’s mushroom-derived beta glucan has been clinically tested and proven to penetrate ALL types of skin, whether it is thin or thick. Studies show women tend to spend lots of time and effort to treat their skin with many types of skin care products. Contrarily, men often ignore taking care of their skin. Whether thick or thin, skin has the same components and needs to be cleansed, exfoliated, nourished, and protected properly to maintain proper function and resiliency. This is why Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune’s simple, yet effective product line is also the perfect solution to men’s skin care!


As for collagen density, men’s skin in general, has more collagen than women. However, women are more likely to protect their skin from photo-aging than men. So, we usually perceive men to age faster than women, however with the proper UV protection and use of collagen-boosting beta glucan, men actually have the potential to look more youthful and show more resilience.





Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune’s products have been shown to promote collagen formation in the skin, resulting in reduction of fine lines and adding resiliency to the skin. Men of all ages should treat their skin properly with products such as the ones we offer at JKosmmune.


Another key point is the difference in texture between a man and woman’s skin. Men’s skin produces more sebum (oils), because they have androgen secretions (caused by male hormones). They also produce twice as much sweat on average than women. Sweat contains lactic acid, which acts as a natural humectant (a substance that helps to retain moisture). Although sweat DOES act to keep in the moisture in male skin, along with the lactic acid, there are many kinds of impurities that come with the sweat. This is where our cleanser does the perfect job of gently cleansing away the excess oils (without completely removing ALL oils), exfoliating, and removing pollutants that come from the air. Clear skin is achieved when the healthy oils are not removed completely but the impurities are removed, so that you can go on to the next step of nourishing and protecting.





Men who shave daily to maintain that smooth skin appearance have to keep in mind that shaving actually scrapes and irritates the outer layer of skin. Beta glucan has been proven clinically to calm and soothe irritation and inflammations of the skin; the perfect solution for men who shave daily!


Many males these days have shown interest in skin care and are proactively making efforts to achieve that Kpop clear skin look. It is just as clear that JKosmmune’s product line is the perfect, gentle, yet potent solution for men to nourish, protect and pamper their skin!





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