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Walking into a cosmetic store nowadays can be an overwhelming experience. Everywhere you look on the shelves you see products claiming to have the ideal skin care ingredients that will impart miraculous, age-defying effects on the skin. You realize you just stopped by the store to pick up a moisturizer but find yourself reading all the fine print on the pretty packages.


Recently, talk about “clean beauty” is everywhere – in magazines, on tv shows, self-help books and more. With all this talk and uncertainty about what clean beauty is, one thing is certain for sure: it is not a mere trend that will fade but is here to stay. So, what is this big deal surrounding “clean beauty” nowadays and how do we know that a skin care product is truly following the idea of clean beauty?


First, we need to know about the different types of containers and packaging that are used in the beauty industry.





The Pros:
Tubes minimize exposure of the skin care product with air, making them a good choice of packaging for lotions and moisturizers that contain unstable ingredients, such as vitamin C or retinol. Another usefulness of tubes is that they tend to be a good for dispensing material that have a thicker consistency.

The Cons:
Tubes are not good for dispensing anything that has a thin or watery consistency. Also, it is difficult to control the amount of product that are dispensed from tubes. The contents of this type of packaging is still exposed to air whenever it is used.



2. Jars

The Pros: Jars are useful to hold skincare products that have very thick consistency. These can be ointments, thick creams and body moisturizers. They can also hold products like body scrubs with bits of exfoliant in the mix – you can get to it easily because of the wide opening. However, as you see below, it is not good for the reasons below.


The Cons: Since most people use body scrubs in the shower, the jars tend to become contaminated quite easily. Moisture and other things can get in to the packaging and result in a moldy mess. Also, since the contents are not poured out, but scooped out (by finger or spoon), there is high risk of contamination.



3. Non-airtight Pumps

The Pros: They are useful in holding liquid cleansers and lotions with thinner consistency. Non-airtight pumps also offer the merit of being able to dispense consistent and even amounts of the product. They are also much more hygienic than packages that have caps or direct openings.

The Cons: They still expose the contents to the air, as slight amounts of air get into the pump whenever it is used. Active ingredients such as vitamin C and retinols should not be packaged in non-airtight containers!



4. Airtight Pumps


The Pros: These containers are great for products that have active ingredients such as antioxidants, retinol, and peptides. These airtight pump containers offer the highest amount of protection from air or pollutants that might come into contact with the product.


The Cons: The cost of airtight pump packaging can be quite expensive, so the ingredients for the product really do have to be delicate and sensitive in order to merit using these types of packaging.






4.Dropper Bottles


The Pros: Good for precise delivery of liquid product in small amounts to the palm or fingertips, so that it can then be patted onto the face. Skin care companies usually reserve this type of packaging for their serums, oils and essences. In addition to the precise delivery of product consumers perceive this type of packaging to give off a seemingly medicinal or potent vibe to what’s in the container.


The Cons: Sensitive and unstable ingredients such as vitamin C are often packaged in dropper bottles, to give off the notion that it is a powerful and medicinal product. However, a dropper bottle often becomes easily contaminated, as the contents are exposed to air and often, skin.





After reviewing the various types of containers that are outlined above, if a product that is considered “clean beauty”, you need to look further than the ingredient list. The packaging needs to be able to deliver all those great ingredients, without contamination or adulteration.


At JKosmmune, we have always put priority in providing clean and effective skincare solutions for our customers. To address the above issues with containers that do not reflect clean beauty, we have been developing our most recent line, KOSMETIC IMMUNITY, to be packaged in the “cleanest” packaging possible. It is our goal to deliver our breakthrough mBeta Glucan for your skin in the most hygienic manner. We have eliminated the dropper bottle for the serum, as well as utilize a dual-layer tube-type container for our hydrating, powerful moisturizer. In addition to these, we continue to stand by our promise to be as transparent as possible with our customers, in terms of the ingredients that we use!



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