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What is Derma Rolling? 

Derma rolling is a very clever and chemical-free way to boost collagen, rejuvenate and improve your skin's elasticity. It can also help with stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, improve overall texture of skin and some say it helps with hair loss.

Why is it a clever way of boosting collagen? Well when our skin gets cuts, what does our body do? Cytokines, signaling molecules that help immune cells communicate with each other and the rest of the body, attract the attention of other cells to heal your cut. So derma rolling is essentially creating many tiny punctures that inform the skin it needs to be healed. These cells then rush to heal your skin and in turn give you all the benefits that derma rolling or micro-needling has to offer.

What is a Derma Roller? 

It's a handheld device with a wheel that consists of many, many needles and depending on the size of the needles, you can address different concerns that are plaguing your skin.

The longer the needles, the more of an effect it's going to have. But it is recommended for longer needles to have a professional at a salon do it.

Derma Rolling at home

If you are interested in performing micro-needling at home, keep in mind that titanium rollers are preferred. You don't want to use any type of roller that can form rust. It is important that once you have a roller you clean it before and after using with rubbing alcohol.

Before the procedure

Before applying it to your face make sure your face and hands are clean as well. Your skin will be very sensitive during and after the procedure so you want to prevent bacteria from spreading. Also if you have acne scars this is great for those but if there is any active acne, it will spread the bacteria further so avoid those areas or choose a different week to use your derma roller.

After the procedure

Your skin after derma rolling will be a little sensitive, more so if you used the longer needles. Make sure to avoid alcohol-based products. Remember anything you're putting on your skin right now will be going much deeper than usual so it's best to avoid things that can block the holes and create bacteria. It will make everything counterproductive if you don't take good care after the fact. Many skincare products also have active ingredients that can be incredibly harsh for your skin in this fragile state. While they may be lovely products on a regular day, you don't want these too far and deep into your skin. Vitamin C and retinoids can also harm your skin at this time so avoid those for up to 48 hours. Avoid direct sunlight for a few days as well.

The best product recommended after derma rolling skincare is a serum. This is for numerous reasons but it also helps with healing and soothing the skin. Our miracle-working serum minimizes the appearance of pores and helps improve skin elasticity for firmer, tighter skin. A high-performance serum so rich in mBeta Glucan, it visibly corrects skin tone for a glowing, healthier and more youthful-looking complexion. Beta Glucan is also known for it's immunity boosting capabilities. This is why it is perfect for derma rolling or micro needling.

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