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Everyone has their own personalized ways of taking care of their skin, especially their face. Every year, millions of women and men purchase skin care products that tout amazing moisturization and other benefits for the skin, namely for the face. However, many people are neglecting a piece of real estate of their body that clearly shows signs of aging – the neck. As we want to avoid unsightly wrinkles and lines on our faces, we should protect and take care of the skin on our neck, for a seamless, beautiful look all throughout.


There are several things to keep in mind when taking care of the skin on your neck: importance of sunscreen use, proper cleansing, and good posture.



First, as damaging as UV rays are to the skin on your face, it wreaks havoc on the unprotected skin on the neck.


Most people generously slather on moisturizers and sunscreen to their faces before walking outside. However, it is just as important to protect the skin on your neck and décolletage. The skin on your neck is at the perfect angle to receive direct rays from the sun. No matter how much you take care of the skin on your face, if you fail to neglect protection from the sun on your neck, your neck will eventually betray you and give away your age!


Second, proper and adequate cleansing of the neck and décolletage is pertinent to keeping a radiant, youthful look.


Your neck is the perfect “stand” and “frame” for your face. If you have clear, radiant skin on your neck, this will compliment your beautiful face. Many people often neglect to cleanse their neck as thoroughly as they do for their faces. At the end of the day, sweat, make up, dirt and pollutants most often cover the entirety of the skin on your neck.


Don’t forget to use your favorite, gentle cleanser for your face on your neck! Kosmetic Immunity’s gentle, yet effective enzyme powder cleanser is the perfect choice for cleansing your neck and décolletage. After foaming up, it is also of the perfect foaming consistency to gently exfoliate the skin on your neck to give you beautiful skin.


Finally, such a simple thing as your posture makes quite a difference on preventing the dreaded “necklace lines” on your neck.


Poor posture while sitting, sleeping, or just doing every day things may lead to unwanted deep-wrinkles and creases on your neck and neck line. Take care to especially mind your posture while using your phone or while using the computer, as most people tend to slouch or crane their necks in unnatural positions. Such a simple thing can go a long way in protecting that important real estate of skin on your neck!



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