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“I apply skincare products on my face regularly, but my skin is getting worse and worse! I thought using multiple products to provide as many nutrients to my skin would be beneficial. I usually use 7~8 items in the morning and 10 products at night including cleansing. I was trying hard to have flawless skin, but I’ve got more pimples and blemishes. I really want to know why. Please save me.”
– Haley (25, Female)



Using too many skincare products can backfire


Let’s get down to the root of the problem. Haley was mistaken to think excessive nutrition would be good for her skin.


“Too much can be poisonous, even if they are good products.”


If you apply too many products with overlapping functions, most of it will be left on the surface of your skin, because the amount that can be absorbed is limited. If you provide excessive nutrition to the skin over time, it can lead to skin problems. Particularly, if you use multiple oily products such as lotion and oil at once, the remnants can easily clog the pores and irritate your skin.



Most important thing is to strengthen your natural skin immunity


Before using multiple skin care products, it should be priority number one to strengthen your own skin immunity. But, the problem is toxicity. In most skin care products, a lot of ingredients increasing viscosity or spreadability are included. And they are usually harmful. Skin has its own immune system to detoxify these harmful chemicals. In small amounts the immune system can work well by removing them. But, if multiple chemicals accumulate and the amount is bigger, it can be trouble. It means the amount that the skin immune system can detoxify is limited. If you put on overlapping chemicals by over-layering multiple skin care products, the remaining toxicants would be more irritating to your skin.



Solution is simplicity


As the body needs a healthy diet, skin needs it as well. It’s crucial to choose only a few products that only contain the essential ingredients suitable for you. Minimize your skin care routine!

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