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Our skin barrier is important for keeping what our skin needs inside and what our skin doesn't need from the world out. But what happens when your skin barrier is damaged or compromised?





What can cause skincare to become damaged? It can be an excess of unnecessary products, it could be pollutants, sun or over-exfoliating. 


Sometimes things that may seem beneficial may strip your skin. A really good exfoliator will make you feel your skin is super clean because it is getting rid of dirt and oils but it may also be stripping your skin of necessary components for healthy skin. So how can we help the skin barrier? How can we make sure it is not compromised?




Ceramides make up most of the lipid barrier, why is this so important?  You want to retain moisture and replenish components in the skin that help the skin barrier be in it's best shape. 


The best way to support your skin barrier, is clean and beneficial ingredients that won't be too harsh.  You can also look at the pH of the products you currently are using. You want them to be at the ideal pH. You want to look for ingredients that are known for helping and aren't too harsh. The beautiful thing about Kosmetic Immunity's main ingredient mBeta Glucan is how it boosts your skin's immunity. That's just one of the amazing ingredients it contains. The newest product on the line is the Ceramide Protective Cream that replenishes Ceramides. This will not only strengthen the barrier but bring ultimate hydration. 





Remember your barrier is there to help you, so make sure you help your barrier too!





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