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This holiday season be mindful in keeping a good skincare regiment to keep your skin healthy. In addition to your regiment it’s also very important to continue sleeping well, eating well, exercising when possible and managing your stress levels. When the holiday rush hits sometimes we over-indulge with sugary sweets, many snacks and celebratory alcohol, this can take a toll on your skin. Lack of sleep can also cause great damage to your skin and prevent much needed repair that happens when you are at rest.



Holiday Skincare Tip



Luckily there are skincare ingredients within clean beauty that can boost your skin's immunity! That's right, beta glucan is the star of the show this Holiday season. Many have referred to it as their holy grail! This Holiday season Kosmetic Immunity will be the Holy Grail we are all looking for!





The first thing you will need is a cleanser that gets the job done but doesn't dry out your skin or cause any damage. You don't need to look any further as Kosmetic Immunity is known for powerful yet gentle ingredients! Many with sensitive skin have praised our cleanser for helping them clean their pores thoroughly without any harshness. Our toner is the next step as it is nourishing, light and very hydrating. You will find it unlike any mist on the skincare market and there is no stickiness or tackiness accompanied by it. Our one of a kind serum should be used after the toner to lock in moisture that will last all day long. 



Kosmetic Immunity Products



The Kosmetic Immunity mbeta glucan serum is a fan favorite and rightly so! You will find the serum nourishing your skin and hydrating immediately but there are also incredible long term effects as well. Proven to make skin more firm after 8 weeks, it really packs a punch. Speaking of which if you have Holiday punch or other sweet drinks you may want to keep in mind to drink more water as well! Water is essential for your skin's health. You want to replenish and avoid dehydration. Also you want to avoid dehydrating your skin which is why our moisturizer is next! This lightweight moisturizer quickly became a favorite when released and now has made it into so many of your homes! If you've tried it you know how amazing it feels as it glides on smoothly and feels so hydrating. Everyone knows two heads are better than one and when we released our Ceramide protective cream earlier this year we saw so many pairing it with the moisturizer. You may think, "If I have the moisturizer, why would I need the Ceramide protective cream as well?" But once you try it you'll understand completely. Ceramides are such an important ingredient for our skin. Their role is crucial to good, healthy skin. Unfortunately with age and during colder seasons our skin starts producing less and less of it. Help your skin by providing more of these ceramides to see a difference in the texture and firmness. Last but not least get a good night's rest!

The holidays are a wonderful season filled with joy, let us help you in spending it more worry free and looking your best!




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