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This pandemic, this crazy weather and the overall state of the World has stressed out everyone. And it's showing on our skin. As if I wasn't careful and attentive to my skin before now I am paying more attention than ever. It is imperative that when we are stressed we take care of ourselves. Right now a hot topic is self care but even before this trendy new concept, that is usually associated with a glass of wine and a facemask, I remember the concept from Parks and Rec, "Treat yo self" and I kind of liked it. Well, I liked it a lot. Donna and Tom decided to treat themselves and they did so with mimosas and fine leather. While my bank account doesn't allow me to treat myself in this exact fashion, I think everyone should treat themselves in what way that suits them. Whether it's a mental health day, adding to cart or ordering food from cheesecake factory three times in one week. I know that last one was suspiciously specific, but I admit to nothing.  





But what about health? And also what about our skincare routine? They say know thy self and I think also we should also know thy skin. The better my skin looks, the less stressed I am. Even if all I did in a single day was watch a few movies on Disney plus and fold three towels, I still feel like I've gotten something done if I do my full skincare routine. Like putting on some makeup can boost your mood or wearing a cute outfit, I think taking care of your skin even if one day at a time, is just as important to one's mood.


So if we are looking out for our health and thinking of ways to boost our immune system, what about our skin's immunity? This is where mBeta Glucan comes in. What is beta glucan? You may or may not have heard of it. How did I become familiar with it? I had a friend who worked for a skincare company. That friend and I spent a lot of that summer together. One day, as we spent many days, we went to the pool and when we got inside from the sun she sprayed herself with a toner. I was intrigued and asked what it was, she told me to turn around. She sprayed my shoulders and it felt so refreshing. It wasn't like water feels refreshing, it was a different level. She told me I could keep that bottle since it was almost empty anyway. I proceeded to use this for the next two weeks constantly. So it came as no surprise to me that when Lisa Eldridge, the celebrity makeup artist and beauty guru, said she carries it in her purse. I was fascinated and I was obsessed.




Later when I couldn't find any work this same wonderful friend asked if I wanted to apply to her job. I thought about how little I know about skincare and I was so nervous, but I was unemployed for so long that I applied. This interview was not like other job interviews, the CEO interviewed me. She was wonderful, had perfect skin, was very kind and gave me products from the entire skincare line. Within a few weeks my skin had changed forever. And it wasn't just my skin that convinced me there's something special about mbeta glucan but all the clients who were reordering anytime a product got low. The return rate was incredible. So here is what you need to know about mBeta Glucan and why you should have some in your skincare line.



mBeta Glucan 


mBeta Glucan is derived from a miracle-working mushroom, Schizophyllum commune or the “split-fold” mushroom to harness a number of immunity-boosting, anti-aging and regenerative benefits for the skin. It doesn't just hydrate but it locks in moisture. Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune developed a patented process exclusively for Kosmetic Immunity that creates the purest, most potent concentration of Beta Glucan and has honed this technique over the years. 


Researches and scientists have been studying Beta Glucan for a long time coming but it is fairly new in the skincare industry. You may have heard of it before because of a few videos and posts on social media by some of your favorite beauty gurus such as Gothamista who has praised beta glucan repeatedly. But what is the reason this new ingredient is making it's way into so many people's routine? Beta Glucan protects and boosts the immunity of the skin barrier. And we all know a better skin barrier has so many benefits! Another great fact is that is boosts collagen production up to twenty percent. 



I have tried many products and still never ever wore foundation because my skin's texture coming through and making my skin's flaws even more noticeable. But since I have been using the Kosmetic Immunity age-defy collection, I wear foundation without any problems. My skin looks great, it feels great. My confidence has increased and looking back at photos I really wish I had discovered this amazing ingredient earlier. I'm still very grateful that it's in my life now. 


 The Age-defy Skincare Set



There are so many aspects in life we can't control, I think 2020 has taught us that if anything, but there are things you can control. Focusing on the things you can control will help so much in feeling less anxious. So drink water, get rest and add Beta Glucan to your skincare routine.



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