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As if pregnancy wasn’t already such an array of changes, hormonal changes may bring about sudden breakouts on the skin around the jaw line and chin as well as increased photosensitivity, melasma (large patches of discoloration on the skin) among other unwanted changes.

During pregnancy one may experience an increase in sebum production in their skin due to hormonal changes. In addition, many women will experience stress and anxiety during this time. This especially leads to breakouts and blemishes on the skin around the chin and jawline. JKosmmune's enzyme powder cleanser provides all the benefits of preventing and treating breakouts in pregnant women without the risk of having any harmful ingredients that may affect her (and the baby). Pregnant women MUST avoid traditional acne-treatment ingredients such as: retinol, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. There has been a scientifically proven link between the use of retinoids and an increased risk of birth defects in babies. Our entire product line is comprised of all-natural, clean, and safe ingredients that is perfect for pregnant women to use. You can have the peace of mind during pregnancy, all while taking care of your sensitive skin and body.





Along with the sudden onset of hormonal changes a woman’s pregnancy will bring about increased photosensitivity to her skin. During pregnancy a surge in pigment-stimulating hormones occurs and this can often lead to a condition called melasma. Large portions of the face might have patches of pigmentation or discoloration. However, this condition is linked with genetics and usually goes away after the pregnancy. There have been studies done that prove that hydroquinone, a commonly used ingredient in brightening serums and creams, causes negative effects in the developing fetus. Additionally, during pregnancy, a woman should avoid products containing alcohol and artificial fragrances, which can worsen inflammation. JKosmmune’s serum, with a high concentration of beta glucan, has been clinically proven to suppress the production of melanin (pigmentation cells) and leads to an overall brightening effect of the skin. In addition to this, it soothes and treats photo-damaged skin, bringing it back to its normal and healthy state. It does all this without having any of the harmful ingredients or additives. Our products give JUST what you need for your skin to be at its best.





Some women experience heightened sensitivity in their skin during their pregnancy. This is why skin care products that they have used previously without any reaction sometimes suddenly cause negative reactions on their skin. Scientists are still not sure why this happens, but they speculate that it is because it is critical that the body protects itself from infections and diseases, especially during a pregnancy. JKosmmune’s beta-glucan, which is derived from a patented extraction process that eliminates use of chemicals, is ideal for a pregnant woman to use to boost her skin’s immunity to infections and diseases. Beta glucan has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system and this would especially benefit pregnant women. On top of this, our beta glucan is of the purest and most potent form available on the market!



JKosmmune mBeta Glucan


As if all this is not enough, women can experience redness in their skin during their pregnancy. This is due to the increase in the volume of blood in the body during pregnancy, due to a higher demand for nutrients and oxygen for the fetus. This affects especially the blood vessels in the face, so many women often experience “hot flushes” during their pregnancy. JKosmmune products have potent concentrations of beta glucan, which promotes collagen formation in cells and helps to return skin cells back to their normal, healthy state. Pregnant women can benefit from all the great effects of beta glucan without worrying about any harmful additives or ingredients. Our entire line of products contains the lowest EWG ratings and they only have just what you need, to repair, prevent, and protect your sensitive skin during your pregnancy. This way you can stay focused on what matters most, your soon to be born bundle of joy!





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