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You might be familiar with the term “ppm,” if you work in a science lab. However, many people would have no clue what it means beside guessing that it is a type of unit. When you meet the label written “β-GLUCAN 5000 ppm” on JKosmmune serum, I’m sure many of you feel puzzled. Then, what does “ppm” stand for? What does it mean? Is it important to know?


“ppm” is a short word of parts per million. It is the expression of the concentration of solution. “ppm” represents the part of total number in units of 1/1,000,000. Below is the equation.


1ppm = 1/1,000,000 = 0.0001%

A β-glucan serum sold in the U.S market says that it is formulated with 100% β-glucan. Wait!! 100% beta glucan? Does this mean the entire bottle is filled with β-glucan? Here are answers to all your questions. It may sound a bit tricky to complicated but don’t worry. You’ll get there and your ppm questions will be cleared!


The most widely known polysaccharide ingredients in skincare are beta glucan and hyaluronic acid (HA). Current skincare industry uses 4,000 ppm of these active ingredients for their skincare products. So, it is safe to say “100% beta glucan” or “100% HA” you often see on the label generally means 4,000 ppm concentration. JKosmmune, however, developed its own technology that allows almost 50% more concentrated beta glucan. JKosmmune serums contain 5,820 ppm which represents 97% of 6,000 ppm. Then, why 6000 ppm? Why not 7000 or even 10,000 ppm? JKosmmune’s R&D team has long studied efficacy of beta glucan for cosmetics application based on a wide variety of scientific data & experiments, and concluded 5,820 ppm is the best concentration to maximize multi-functional effects of beta glucan on your skin (brightening, firming, moisturizing, minimizing pores and soothing).


Then, what is the remaining 3%? Extremely important question! Our science team conducted an intensive research on what ingredients have synergic effects with beta glucan and found two key botanical ingredients -- Centella Asiatica and Portulaca Oleracea. Centella maximize beta glucan’s firming effect and help promote the synthesis of collagen to remove the appearance of fine lines. Another ingredient, Portulaca amplifies beta glucan’s soothing and brightening effect. Now you see why JKosmmune’s serum has the best composition among currently commercialized β-glucan serums or other types of skincare products.


Other β-glucan skin care products do not disclose the concentration value (ppm) of β-glucan, because the amount is too small to appeal to consumers. However, JKosmmune is proudly labeling ppm of β-glucan, because the number, 50% more than other brands, indeed represents the significance of our formulation in your skin health, and this is the differentiator of JKosmmune β-glucan serum. In other words, this is the very reason why JKosmmune β-glucan serum should be your choice.


When you look for good beta glucan skin care products, don’t get tricked by the word “100%,” but pay attention to “ppm” and other ingredients used in the proudest!

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