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Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition developed by a variety of reasons. Some people naturally have dry skin but some might develop dry skin from time to time. It can cause itchy, flaky skin. Although dry skin is a very common condition, some people need a medical help to get relief itch skin and extremely dry skin  can be a warning sign of skin disease.

Dry Skin: What is the Cause

People produce different amounts of oils from their skin’s sebaceous glands. Dry skin type typically does not produce enough oil, leading to dry, ashy skin.

A person can be born with this skin type, but there are a variety of external causes that can develop this skin type: harsh cleansers, weather, sun, etc. It’s important to focus on miniaturization because the untreated dry skin will lead to premature aging and even infection.

What you don’t have to worry about: Since dry skin produces less oil, generally, the pores are smaller than average.

Do's and Don'ts


to do list for skin



1. Moisturize

2. Then Moisturize

3. Moisturize Some More

While Oils are bad for acne-prone oily skins, dry skin’s need oil. Dry skin may be acne-prone also, but this is because of the lack of oil, which exposes the skin the bacteria. For more tips on keeping your moisturizing your skin, please refer to our earlier blog. (click here)

If you break out often, try using gentle exfoliants about once a week. Keep away from mechanical exfoliation (including microbeads). Instead look for chemical exfoliants with citric acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, malic acid and fruit enzymes. Start off with a low concentration of these ingredients and work your way up to avoid becoming irritated.

Managing oils and removing dead skin cells will help serums and lotions penetrate your skin more easily. Do NOT exfoliate frequently, as it will damage the new healthy skin cells, instead of removing dead skin cells. It takes on average 28days to create new skin cell layers.

Don't do

1. Super Hot showers/baths

2. Harsh cleansers that leave your skin “squeaky” or tight

3. Generally avoid places/activities with a lot of environmental exposure (sun, dry weather, dry heat, etc.)

All of these will strip your skin of its natural and protective oils.

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