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When it comes to skin care the range of complexity in the routine varies. It can go from a spartan 1 or 2 step wash and moisturize regimen to an extensive 12-step routine that encompasses the period of an hour or more. Although there are thousands of manufacturers and brands that tout the importance of using ALL of their entire line of products, we believe that “simple” is simply better! Backed by scientific research all of our products incorporate our special beta glucan to deliver long lasting hydration as well as other benefits such as alleviating irritation and boosting the skin’s immunity.




Because too much can be rather harmful when it comes to the skin. The amount of skin care product that can be absorbed into the skin is actually quite limited. After all the skin is considered to act as a “barrier”. Using too much and too many types of products on your skin can actually clog the pores and cause irritation. Physiologically, the degree to which the skin’s immunity can detoxify is limited. Therefore it is crucial to choose only the few products that contain the essential ingredients that will make an impact on improving the immunity and condition of your skin.




Jkosmmune’s simple, yet powerful skin care line and routine is the perfect choice to address this problem that many people face these days. Look closely through our ingredient lists which are all posted on the website. You will only find the lowest EWG rated ingredients as well as powerful ingredients such as Centella asiatica, lotus root extract and of course our miracle-worker mBeta-Glucan!



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