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A growing number of people looking for boosting collagen synthesis and reducing the appearance of acne & associated scars is choosing micro-needling treatment at a professional salon or even at home as a solution. In general, micro-needling is considered to be relatively safe, simple and effective therapeutic technique and many try at home by using a homecare derma-roller without experts. No matter how careful you are about the safety, there is a risk of skin damages and infection. Regardless of the treatment locations, the following is extremely important precautions and safety tips for you to be aware before starting the micro-needling regimen. 


  1. Don’t get micro-needling treatment if you have the following skin types

You may find it difficult to come across safety information about a derma-roller use at home. Some may even think it is okay to use it on an actual acne site. However, this is an absolute No No! You are running a risk of bacterial and other types of infections. You must avoid using it directly on blemished or acne areas because it could cause even worse irritation and inflammation. One scientific paper suggests that those who have skin conditions as follows should not get micro-needling treatment.


    • • Active acne
    • • Local infection such as herpes and warts
    • • Moderate to severe eczema
    • • Patients who get anti-coagulant therapy
    • • Skin conditions that has extreme keloidal tendency
    • • Cancer patients who have chemo/radiotherapy



  1. Avoid sun ray

As everybody knows, sun protection is extremely important to skin. If you decided to get micro-needling treatment, sun block is even more crucial. Every resurfacing treatment could cause hyper-pigmentation when the skin is exposed to sun. So, you should limit your UV exposure. It is the best to be inside after facial treatment if possible. However, if you should go outside, apply sunscreen thoroughly on skin and wear a hat. You can protect your skin from long term trauma if you do so.



  1. Do not use products that may increase sensitivity of skin

There are a lot of skin care ingredients that may increase sensitivity of skin. Retinoid cream, physical exfoliants and acidic products may be drying or irritating to your skin. Products well-known among those with acne-prone skin types such as AHA/BHA, salicylic acids, and benzoyl peroxide are also harmful after micro-needling. If you plan to receive micro-needling treatment, you must check ingredients of all your skincare products and it is good to use mild and safe items at least 5-7 days prior to the treatment.


Therefore, Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune beta glucan serum is recommended to use right after treating with derma-roller at home. This game changing serum penetrates instantly and deeply into your skin and provides long lasting soothing effect. As a result, the redness associated with harsh facial treatment will be significantly reduced. Another superior skin benefit of Beta glucan is stimulation of immune cells that synthesize collagen, and Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune serum contains 99.9% pure beta glucan. This means a significant reduction of downtime and speedy regeneration of skin cells. It is safe to say Kosmetic Immunity serum is one of the best post micro-needling care products.

Bonus Tip! Stay hydrated and moisturized

Skin gets extremely dry after resurfacing treatment, and hydration and moisturization become essential. Those who with extremely sensitive skin might even feel itchy and irritable if your skin didn’t get enough moisturizing after resurfacing treatments.


We recommend Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune beta glucan lotion due to its intensive moisturizing effect. beta glucan is the best moisturizing ingredient in the skin care market, because its hydrating effect is proven to be 20% or more potent than hydrofluoric acid (HA), a most widely known moisturizing ingredient. beta glucan’s moisturization power also lowers the risk of inflammation and soothes the stimulated skin for a long period of time. Applying beta glucan lotion both in the morning and at night before going to bed eases skin irritation, itchiness and other discomfort for sure. Don’t forget! A constant moisture charge is another key post care routine of micro-needling.
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