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Stress happens to everyone. We face a number of stresses in daily living, whether it be at school, at work, or anywhere in between. When harnessed properly, stress might have benefits, but too much stress can be detrimental. Studies have found that many health problems linked to stress and among them, stress can worsen or increase the skin problems particularly. Then, how can stress affect your skin? Here’s more on the side effects and mechanisms that stress affect your skin.



  1. Stress causes a lot of skin problems!


Stress can never be a friend to your skin. You might notice more breakouts when your life is in shamble. This is because stress is related to the chemical reaction in your body. Stress produces stress hormone, cortisol. Normally our body regulates the cortisol level by our internal circadian system. However, if cortisol is up-regulated under stress conditions, it can cause breakouts on your face. Not only this, excess cortisol has a negative impact on the skin immunity. Disruption to the immune system is strongly related with a lot of skin troubles such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, acne, and eczema etc. Therefore, you can face the worst skin condition when you are struggling with excessive stress.



  1. Stress disrupts your skin barrier


Are you familiar with that skin plays an important role in barrier functions? Skin has their own barrier as regulating permeability and homeostasis, crucial for maintaining hydration and protecting from infection. However, stress can break this barrier function and bring the negative consequences. One scientific paper said that overcrowding stress interrupted skin barrier, leading to water loss from the surface of the skin, lowered water retaining ability, and flaky or dry skin.


Also, stress causes its own recovery process to slow down. One clinical study concluded stress was associated with impaired healing process, which means that stress weakens your own healing power. That’s why your skin trouble last longer when you get stressed. Not only this, stress makes inflammatory conditions which can aggravate existing skin trouble.



  1. Stress increases skin aging


Emotional distress is proven to speed up aging, and it can make you look older! If you keep putting yourself in a stressful situation, DNA telomeres that are the indicator of longevity, are getting shorter. And it is also related to skin aging. Long-term stress release reactive oxygen in your body and this is proven to be associated with the aging process. This process lets you face the increased signs of aging such as increased fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced elasticity.








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