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There are so many factors that cause your skin to break out. Unfortunately it's hard to pin point every single one but here are general factors that can affects your skin.





First let's discuss lack of sleep. We all know this one, some of us more than others. We've always been told how important and crucial a good night's sleep is but did you know lack of sleep can do real damage to your skin? When you rest, your body goes into repair mode. This is a time where many necessary changes occur and your skin is restoring and rejuvenating. If you lack sleep you are not receiving the proper amount of nutrients, so your skin becomes more susceptible to the sun. This is where you can develop dark circles and experience pigmentation issues.





What about not drinking enough water? This is another huge factor. The lack of water also effects your skin tremendously. Did you know one of the first signs of dehydration is dry skin? When your skin lacks water, you sweat less meaning your body is unable to wash away excess dirt and oils that you accumulate throughout the day.





And we can't forget about what we eat. Eating too many processed foods can be incredibly harmful to our skin. It is harder for our skin to fight the effects of UV rays when we eat unhealthy foods. Overtime this causes even more problematic skin conditions.





All these factors and many more are just as important as having a good skincare routine. You want to take care of your skin from within and then nourish, moisturize and hydrate it externally. One great thing about Kosmetic Immunity is that mBeta Glucan is proven to actually boost your skin's immunity. This can help when you aren't able to get every hour of sleep recommended, drink enough water or avoid processed foods. This New Year let's focus on helping our skin be it's best self! New Year, New Dew.



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