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When we are stressed, it shows. Sometimes people will ask you if you're feeling okay, if you've had a long night or if you didn't get enough sleep. But does stress have effects on our appearance over time? Absolutely.





The more stressed you are the more your skin can become dry because of the decreased water that is being retained. You also get circles underneath your eyes. When we are stressed our nervous system releases stress hormones into our bodies. Hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which cause increased oil production, this in turn leads to breakouts. 


How can we fix this? First make sure your routine is clean beauty, we don't need any added ingredients that can compromise our skin after it is already effected by stress. Ingredients such as mBeta Glucan and ceramides which can both be found in the Kosmetic Immunity brand help greatly with these issues. mBeta Glucan boost your skin's immunity which helps greatly in aiding against stressed skin.



mBeta Glucan



Remember to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and most importantly take time out for yourself. These days life seems like months are passing by like weeks and weeks like days, the only thing we can really do is make sure to take care of ourselves and put some time out to focus on our needs.


Try to do something that you enjoy doing at least once a day. It could be reading, cooking, yoga, anything really. Talk to friends, set up a zoom party or have other activities set aside that bring you joy. And don't forget to occasionally spoil yourself!





At the end of the day we all get stressed out as life can inevitably be stressful but don't there are things we can do to minimize the effects and don't let your skin feel stressed too!



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