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There are things we want to and need to get rid of that are on our skin. Dirt, oil, makeup and more can clog pores and cause a lot of skin issues. The problem is if you are too aggressive or wash too often you may take off components in the skin that are needed. Natural oils on our skin help us keep a health balance and we don't want to strip those when we over wash.


The goal is to take care of our skin in the correct manner, with the right products and with a healthy balance in mind. Just like it is possible to not wash your face enough, it is also very possible to wash your skin too often. Without the oils that are being stripped when you over wash your skin, your skin will not be able to provide protection to its fullest potential. It will become weaker. This causes that very dry and irritated feeling that can make you feel your skin is in need for some serious repair or hydration.






Aside from possibly over washing, you must consider your cleanser. What does your cleanser do for you? Is it helping? Is it hurting? Is it too harsh and over drying your skin? Does your skin feel irritated or appear red after washing with your current cleanser?


It can be hard to find the right cleanser for you. After all there are so many different cleansers on the market. We can all agree to one thing, a good cleanser is essential for good skin and for a complete skincare routine. So where do you start looking for that perfect cleanser? Let's consider what factors we need it to take care of. First, it should be powerful enough to lift dirt, oils, bacteria, and makeup. We want to make sure before we go to bed that these things are no longer on our face as we don't want to wake up with all our pores clogged and a breakout.



JKosmmune Enzyme Cleanser



Second, we want something gentle. We don't want it too harsh. As mentioned above, a harsh cleanser can really affect your skin in so many negative ways. We don't want to overdue to the process and harm our skin cells or strip it from necessary components. We need a cleanser that has a good pH level, and it is not harmful. This is where the Kosmetic Immunity enzyme cleanser comes in. The packaging is perfect for hygienic purposes but also for environmental ones. We have been told that one bottle of our enzyme cleanser lasts forever! This is because you add the water into the cleanser and then it becomes a foam. You don't have a container filled with water and only a small percentage of actual helpful ingredients. The packaging ensures that you have more important ingredients than anything else.


 washing face model



This cleaner is not only powerful but incredibly gentle. Your skin doesn't turn red, feel irritated, hurt, or become sensitive. It feels like a nicely cleansed face. And that is why our customers just keep returning for our Kosmetic Immunity enzyme cleanser and recommending it to others as well!




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