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Kosmetic Immunity’s Promise for Healthier Skin

Immune supplement for your skin


  • Immune Balance and Well-being is key to healthy living! People take vitamins to stave off the flu. We want to bring the most cutting-edge supplement for the skin. A well-balanced immune system means one feels stronger and happier!  Kosmetic Immunity is leading the change by implementing the idea into daily skincare!
  • Kosmetic Immunity wants to strengthen the Skin Barrier – the 1st layer of defense – for both children and adults. By utilizing highly pure beta glucan and the cleanest ingredients,  Kosmetic Immunity is bringing its vision to life: to bring a healthier skin for everyone!


Kosmetic Immunity – the leader in Beta Glucan skincare – is bringing Immunity-Focused Skincare to Kosmetics! It means balancing the skin immunity to make you feel healthier from inside and to make your skin glow!



Topical mBeta Glucan plays a key role in boosting and regulating skin’s immunity, the largest and most important organ of the immune system.


  1. Highly pure mBeta Glucan – despite its large molecular size – can deeply penetrate the skin into epidermis and dermis1 
  2. There, Beta Glucan interacts with immune cells to stimulate correct and optimal immune response.2 


Immunity will lead the next chapter of medicine, and soon everything else!



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