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*This review was written by Charlotte O'Neill from Mack In Style


Here at Mack In Style, our fabulous and fearless editor Mackenzie gives us free reign of what we would like to write about, and any thoughts or topics that we’d like to get off of our chests and into the internet is fair play. It is almost a therapeutic way to nurture our personal interests and share them to whoever is listening, though since we are usually on the same page, everything works together nicely and remains on-brand. Though the freedom remains, I’ve recently backed myself into my littler corner of the site; beauty. Skincare has always been not only essential but also very fascinating to me, and lately I cannot get enough of the lotions and potions. Give me all the serums! Chat to me about the differences between gel and cream moisturizers! The journey has been an education in itself, learning about different ingredients and what works for my skin. I think the increased obsession stems from my exceptional HydraFacial experience and the reality check that it would not be a regular indulgence. After that facial my skin was flawless, and each new skincare brand I test out is a byproduct of my yearning for that deliciously supple, even-toned, perfectly moisturized face.


The latest brand on my radar is Kosmetic Immunity by JKosmmune. Kosmetic Immunity skincare is in a league of its own. South Korea native Ann Son founded the brand after years of working the fashion industry and saw many of her clients suffering from complexion issues. Ann herself suffered from dryness, pigmentation, and rapid aging effect. I find it very important to highlight that she even invested thousands of dollars on brands meant to be, quite literally, la crème de la crème, such as as La Mer, La Prairie, Clé de Peau, and Sisley, but yet nothing helped. Noted. Conveniently, Ann’s husband, Richard J. Kang, PhD, happened to be a scientist and the founder of JK BioPharma Solutions, Inc. She turned to him for a solution and the two embarked on a research journey.



Dr. Kang had become familiar with the biopolymer mBeta Glucan while developing new drugs with top hospitals. Derived from mushrooms, mBeta Glucan stimulates the production of collagen, speeds up wound healing, soothes and calms skin due to its anti-irritant and strong anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizes, locks in natural moisture, is anti-aging and anti-wrinkle due to its anti-oxidant properties and it also helps repair your moisture barrier. It’s even 20% more hydrating than the hyaluronic acid we know and love, which is what sold me! On top of all of the wonderful things the brand promises to do to the skin, Kosmetic Immunity products are composed of only natural, safe ingredients and certified cruelty-free. The products are affordable and the mindfulness of the brand is evident.


It should go without saying that I am a huge supporter of the Korean beauty craze that’s taken over the American skincare industry, and Kosmetic Immunity is the Harvard or MIT of the craze. Upon opening the package that the skincare kit was delivered in, I admittedly was a bit intimidated at the simple stark white packaging and folder that looked quite medicinal. The folder felt so important, seemingly containing top-secret information straight from the lab. I vowed to never have to look at another graph again after I walked out of my final math class in school, and yet here I was face to face with graphs in what looked like the outline of a complex science project. At first it all felt very sterile and serious. In reality, it highlighted everything I needed to know about the heart of the products, pure mBeta Glucan.


After my initial hesitation, I actually truly appreciated all the information and attention to detail. After all, my skin sort of is a science project, and it is to be taken seriously. Many skincare brands don’t bother to highlight all the ingredients in their products as Kosmetic Immunity does. I remember reading that Emily Weiss of Glossier  chooses not to share the details of her products’ formulas as she doesn’t think people care as long as they are happy with the results- and maybe some people don’t care. But skin is the largest organ in the body. If a health- conscious person is mindful about each and every ingredient they put in their body, why should ingredients going on their body be any different?



It was time to test Kosmetic Immunity for myself. I enlisted the help of the queen of sensitive skin, my mum. My mum has always nailed into me the importance of keeping to a strict skincare routine. It’s because of her that I’ve always taken good care of my skin. My mum is who taught me to apply cream delicately around the eyes with my ring finger, to always remove every last trace of makeup completely, to exfoliate when cleansing, and to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I also like to think that the two of us were early adopters to the micellar water trend, and I can’t imagine life without it now. My mum’s skin is very sensitive, so she’s always extra cautious about what she puts on her face, whereas I have trouble saying no to any shiny new face mask or serum put in front of me.


First up was the Enzyme Cleansing Powder. Am I lame for thinking this is incredibly cool? It’s a powder- which would be great for traveling with- and you just add a touch of warm water which turns it into a great cleanser with a nice foamy texture that makes my skin feel exceptionally clean afterwards. The alcohol-free toner is next, and that’s where both my mum and I ran into issues. While it didn’t burn or sting while applying, it made both of our faces hot, red and blotchy. Maybe that means it’s…working? It is advertised to rid the skin of redness, however, so this was slightly concerning. We let it sit for a while on our skin and then persevered. Luckily, the soothing serum really calmed things down and removed the redness. Enriched with 97% purebeta glucan, it minimizes pores, visibly corrects skin tone and deeply hydrates. To seal it all in is the magical moisturizer. This is the all-star of the products and of face lotions in general. The texture is a mystery, lying somewhere between a cream and sort of gel feel. After applying, the skin immediately feels perfectly hydrated and moist, and it just feels comfortable on the skin. Some moisturizers work well but feel like you are wearing a heavy duty mask after application, so damn right they better work well. The Kosmetic Immunity moisturizer, in contrast, feels effortless while it works its magic deep down, strengthening the skin’s barrier and hydrating without clogging pores.


My mum and I both agree that waking up in the morning after applying Kosmetic Immunity products the night before is the best part about the skincare line. Our skin still feels and looks moist and hydrated, emitting the kind of glow that is only present after a great facial or after a solid Facetune session if you’re an Instagram model. One morning, my skin looked so flawless that I almost left the house without makeup on. Almost. If beta glucan is the new god of skincare then call me one of its apostles. I am not religious in the slightest so that comparison isn’t sitting well with me, but let’s roll with it.


The Kosmetic Immunity website contains video tutorials on how to use all their products-  very helpful if you are new to the whole skincare routine life. If you are a newcomer, welcome to the club, and definitely give Kosmetic Immunity a try!



*This review was written by Charlotte O'Neill from Mack In Style

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