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JKosmmune Product Review by MELINDA

I feel these products helped with my Rosacea and hope that I win as this is not in my budget at this time, and if not, I will purchase in the near future for sure! I used these and only these for the full seven days for my night routine.

Before and After


The enzyme cleanser was amazing for my skin even with the slight foaming. My sensitive skin loved it and it did not leave stripped or dry but rather it was soft and supple. The beta glucan was the star winner in my eyes. It’s better than any HA I’ve tried it left me feeling hydrated instantaneously and when I woke up my skin was still very hydrated and just so soft with a glow.

I believe the moisturizer in combination with the beta glucan our a power house together. The moisturizer was another awesome product. It sinks in perfectly with no greasy feeling what so ever. You are left with dewy skin but not tacky in the least. It’s a beautiful feeling the two combined. Thank you again for the opportunity to try these they really helped when I had one of the worse flare ups ever!!

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