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JKosmmune Product Review by Natasha


I have recently had a pleasure of testing three new skincare products provided to me for free by JKosmmune Cosmetics. Jkosmmune is a new natural skincare company that produces clean and green products that are good and safe for the entire family. They stride to use simple yet effective natural ingridients that deliver the most moisture to our skin.

I was also excited to learn that Jkosmmune is a certified leaping bunny company meaning they are against any animal cruelty and only test their products on lucky people (like me). So let's get down to the actual prosucts.


I was very pleased with the serum for several reasons. First of all, the product is so economical, it truly takes very little to cover the whole face. The serum is a clear, somewhat runny substance that absorbs into the skin instantly. It does not have any scent. You can apply moisturizer in less than a minute after this serum. It provides intense hydration, and the skin looks visibly brighter just after one use. I have been using this serum once daily for two weeks now, and I am very happy with the level of hydration it provided for my skin.


The lotion is a truly multifunctional product. Even though the traditional use for it would be for face and neck, you can apply it anywhere on your body, as it is very gentle yet effective moisturizer. The lotion itself is a bit thicker than what I am used to, but nevertheless it spreads easily on the skin delivering a good level of moisture. It has a very light scent, reminded me of orange. The scent does not hang around, and as soon as the moisturizer is absorbed, the scent is gone. The mosturizer is lightweight despite being a bit more dense than standard facial moisturizer, does not leave any residue or sticky feeling.

Powdered Cleanser

This is by far the most amazing product I tried this year! I have never previously used a powdered cleanser, so my initial concern was, would it be abrasive to my skin? I was also wondering about how well it is going to remove makeup, if at all. I think this product absolutely rocks! The powder turns into milky liquid as it is mixed with a few drops of water.

Then if you just rub your hands together, the liquid turns into pillow soft foamy cleanser that does wonders for your skin. It does not drip off hands, so absolutely no products gets wasted, and as you massage your face with your hands, this product does an outstanding job in cleanjng, hydrating, and super gently exfoliating the skin.

Facial makeu gets removed entirely (I have nor used on eyes). I started using this cleanser every few days, but quickly switched to everyday use, as I don't think I can ever get this level of hydration from any other cleanser I have used before.

I have only used the trial packets provided to me by a company, but I noticed that their full size version has a very efficient packaging with a dispencer. Because this is powdered product, it is important to make sure you don't introduce water, which is hard to get with jar packaging (as I noticed other companies have). I love this product so much!


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