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JKosmmune Product Review by Shronda

I was fortunate to to be picked to enter into the Winter Promotion held by JKosummune to try out samples from their line. Thank you to the JKosumme Team for this change to try your products.

JKosmmune Cosmetics is a new skincare brand designed around the natural ingredient, Beta-glucan. All products from JKosmmune have Beta-glucan in them to help with repairing, replenishing and moisturizing the skin. I received the trial essential kit, which contains the Enzyme Powder cleanser, Lotion, and Serum. You can pick up this kit (options for the Lotion are available) from their website for $7.99 USD.

Let’s get into the review of each product. First up is the Enzyme Cleansing Powder. With 99% pure Beta-glucan, the powder cleanser is a white powder, not finely milled but it’s milled enough. The powder is pH-balanced and helps to brighten and clarify the skin.

I’ve used one enzyme powder cleanser before and it was really an interesting cleanser. I wish I could use a bubble net or something to help with getting more bubbles with this cleanser but it did make a nice lather with just a bit of water and my hands. The cleanser has no scent which I love. After washing, my face didn’t have any tightness and removed all that it should have. My skin felt very soft afterwards which is a big plus. At first, I used the whole of one of the 0.6 oz packets but I was able to split the packet and still have enough lather to wash my face.

This powder is great for travel and a great cleanser to have on hand. After applying my toners and essence, I applied the Serum with 5,000 PPM of Beta-glucan. I’m starting to look more into serums for my routine and trying this one out was great. The serum is said to help minimize pores, improve firmness and elasticity while brightening the skin. The serum is clear and a bit thick with no fragrance. The serum works for both night and day on the skin. I used it mainly at night but would definitely say you can use it in the day time. The serum absorbed fairly easily into the skin and left the skin a tad bit tacky but nothing to bad.

The last step in the routine is the lotion. I received the lotion for normal to oily skin but sensitive & dry skin option is available. The lotion contains 2,000 PPM of pure Beta-glucan and was nice. The lotion has a lot of benefits but the main thing that it does is hydrates. The lotion is a white opaque cream and was the only product that has a scent - a citrus scent.


It didn’t feel oily and absorbed well. Like I said, I got the normal to oily option of the lotion but even with my dry skin, it hydrated. The packaged said to use the product with a damp skin after cleansing but I used products in between. The lotion didn’t provide as much moisture as I thought but it was nice moisturizer to have. I would like to try the normal to dry option. Of the three products, I would definitely purchase the full sizes of the cleaning powder and serum. I need to try the lotion for normal to dry skin. Thank you, JKosmmune for allowing me to try the products and I hope more people try out these and others from the brand.

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