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We are so excited to share this review on our Scalp Renewal Treatment & Shampoo


The review speaks for itself.


In August, we invited some customers for a 30 day scalp & hair journey. They have used our Scalp Renewal Treatment & Shampoo every day for 30 days.


We would love to share one of the reviews with you!

The before and after photos were taken by her, and it was not photoshopped or edited.

Thank you so much, Anne for sharing your sincere hair and scalp journey!



My review
Background: I have had what you might call 'problem' hair and scalp since my teenage years. I am very sensitive to certain ingredients/scents and for many years struggled with fungal infections of the skin; which I now realize must have impacted my scalp too. It would frequently be tight, itchy and with visible flaking. I used to use medicated shampoo e.g Nizoral on my hair and body and whilst it really helped to clear up the body flare-ups it left my hair feeling straw-like with my scalp really stripped of its natural oils. To add to my woes I have a receding hairline on one side of my head that has been getting worse with age - I wear bangs to conceal it. I also have color-treated hair.





Using the shampoo: JKosmmune were kind enough to send me a bottle of the Scalp Renewal Treatment & Shampoo to try for a month in exchange for an honest and impartial review. I had been using the previous version of their formulation, albeit infrequently, because it was very watery and a little tricky to work with. The new formulation is slightly thicker and does not run out your hands as easily which is a definite plus! It is very lightly fragranced, reminds me a little of tea-tree and not irritating to me as someone who is scent-sensitive. I don't get a great lather on the first shampoo so always shampoo twice; on the second wash I get a very satisfying lather and I make sure to really massage my scalp and let the magic ingredients do their work! The shampoo rinses clean and amazingly I can comb through *easily* after shampooing, it feels as though my hair is already conditioned. My scalp is left feeling clean but not stripped or irritated AT ALL. My hair feels incredibly soft after rinsing, so much so that you could forego conditioner altogether. I continue to use conditioner on my ends because my hair is color treated.



shampoo review


My results: I have been loving this shampoo. I have always used salon brands e.g. Redken, Davines but have never had the type of results that I have seen with this shampoo. My hair feels incredibly soft with a glassy shine; my scalp is soothed with no visible flaking. I have noticed less hair coming out when I shampoo too, I use a tub-shroom and have seen far less hair fall on it since I began my journey with this shampoo. The most shocking result to me can be seen in my before and after photos. I have to be honest and say that in no way did I expect to see any improvement in hair density, especially having used the shampoo religiously for only a month. I am shocked to see that there is *some* noticeable new growth in my receded section. I've tried to be as consistent as possible with the photo positioning and hair parting before and after. I look forward to continuing my journey with the shampoo to see if there is even more improvement in density say 6 months to a year from now. The only negative I've noticed is that my hair gets greasier a little quicker than before. I can now only go 2 days max without washing my hair, but my hair is also quite fine and this is something I can live with given the results I'm seeing. The shampoo is expensive; especially when I convert to CAD$, a little pricier than what I'm used to paying for salon brands. I would go so far as to say that this shampoo is holy grail status for me now and I can't see myself using anything else, it's that good.
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