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I’m am so happy I got the opportunity to try Kosmetic Immunity's Scalp Renewal Treatment & Shampoo!


I thought my scalp was more oily but what I think I’ve learned is I’ve been using all the wrong products!  This shampoo has helped my scalp normalize!  My hair is back to its normal self!  It’s no longer flakey!  It’s not weighed down!  It’s not greasy!  I can’t shampoo every other day. So I use this every other day. And it has been perfect!  A little goes a long way!  It also doesn’t make my chest and back break out which is always something I worry about when trying new hair products!!!  My skin is super sensitive and I was super pleased and happy with the minimal non comedogenic ingredient list!  


With how amazing this has helped my hair I absolutely cannot wait to try additional products that JKosmmune has!  I’ve read and seen so many lovely things on all of your products!  Can’t wait to start another journey and challenge with my super dry/dehydrated skin too!


I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity!


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