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JKosmmune mBeta Glucan for cosmetics skincare Kosmetic Immunity

Journey for Enhanced Skin Immunity
Ann Son, founder and president of JKosmmune, began her career in the fashion industry in her native South Korea. As the team leader of a group of make-up artists and stylists working with a television broadcast crew, she saw her clients struggling with complexion problems. She, too, suffered from her share of them, including dryness, pigmentation, and rapid aging effect.

These conditions worsened after she and her husband, Dr. Kang, moved to the United Kingdom, then to the United States, for his scientific career. The changes in environment and exposure to new pollutants had a negative impact on Mrs. Son’s skin. She spent thousands of dollars on expensive creams from all of the top brands, trying to solve her complexion issues. But nothing worked.
JKosmmunes Founder Story, mBeta Glucan Serum Microneedling Kosmetic Immunity
Searching for a cure, she approached her husband, the founder of JK BioPharma Solutions, Inc., for help. Dr. Kang had become familiar with the biopolymer mBeta Glucan while developing new drugs with top hospitals, including ones affiliated with Johns Hopkins and Harvard. He shared his research with his wife on the mBeta Glucan derived from the Schizophyllan mushroom, which he thought could be beneficial for dermatologic conditions.

In 2016, Mrs. Son and Dr. Kang embarked on a mBeta Glucan research journey. They soon found that the kind derived from mushrooms was superior to those made from lichen, algae, plants, and yeast. This 3rd generation mBeta Glucan had skin-rejuvenating properties. It penetrated the epidermis, hydrating the skin below the surface. And because it stimulated collagen production, fine lines and wrinkles disappeared.

After further research, Mrs. Son saw that most cosmetic products contained 40 plus ingredients with low potency levels, along with chemicals that can diminish its effectiveness. She created a formulation in which mBeta Glucan is the most important ingredient. It is simple, natural, and potent, one that rejuvenates the skin. mBeta Glucan is the most important ingredient.
JKosmmune Kosmetic Immunity beta-glucan sizofiran mushroom Anti-aging skin care SchizophyllanMrs. Son is preparing samples for the nation-wide product survey.
In January 2016, Mrs. Son tried the first samples of her mBeta Glucan lotion and cleanser out on her skin. The results seemed miraculous! The immunity benefits of 3rd gen mBeta Glucan were immediately apparent.

She then conducted a survey about her newly-formulated Cleanser and Lotion to 500 people residing in nine American states. Within two weeks, feedback that was 90% positive had come in, along with requests for future orders. After making some adjustments because of this response -- replacing a fragrance with natural citrus oil, for example -- JKosmmune’s skincare line was born.

In August 2017, Mrs. Son launched JKosmmune to share this potent, revolutionary mBeta Glucan derivative with other women whose skincare needs had not been met by such earlier formulations as 1st Generation Glycerol or 2nd Generation Hyaluronic acid.

JKosmmune is backed by JK BioPharma Solutions, Inc. JKosmmune is the first cosmetic company to use mushroom mBeta Glucan in the United States.


JKosmmune’s high-grade skincare products hydrate the skin below the top layer of the epidermis, eliminating redness, irritation, wrinkles, and pigmentation.